Hi guys. So brianna’s going to be inactive up until her graduation but she’ll be back this coming summer. :) 


I don’t want to admit how much I like you…


"You, Me, & the World" #1


"You, Me, & the World" #1

When I talk to you, nothing is too stupid or too weird.

If I write about you, then no doubt you’re special to me.

You want a guy's perspective? Ask your Dad.
Me: Dad, how can I be sure if a guy really likes me or not?
Dad: If a guy really likes you, he would do whatever it takes to be yours. You see, there are two kinds of "being interested". One is, when a guy likes you but has his heart open to other girls. This is the kind that isn't so serious about being serious. The other kind of "being interested" is the kind that I want a guy to be interested in you. This is the kind whose eyes are set on you, and only you. No other girls. The one that sends you those long text messages on how much he means to you, gives you goodmorning and goodnight calls telling you to have a good day and to have sweet dreams. If a guy really wants to you to be his, he wouldn't be ashamed to introduce you his friends and even better, his family. I would want you to have a guy that when he looks into my daughter's eyes, he feels like he doesn't belong anywhere else but your heart.

Sino gwapo dito





I don’t think you’ll understand what I’m going through.

New Year’s Eve

This is how I spent the last day of December. I wanted to do something extraordinary; something I would be proud of remembering, or just something different to make it a teeny-tiny bit more special than the other days. But, I tried, really. I ended up doing nothing special. I spent it like the other days of my vacation.

So, I woke up late and had my breakfast; juice and banana cake with cinnamon frosting. I’m the only one who likes eating cinnamon in our family, and I love cinnamon; it’s one of my favorite things in this world, so for me that’s the best advantage of wanting something nobody wants—you have it all to yourself all the time.

I decided to write for a while. Not new for me, since if I’m not eating or sleeping or reading, I’m watching New Girl while writing something.

After then I got tired; actually, I was still tired when I woke up. I didn’t get enough sleep since I slept late. So I decided to take a nap.

And in the middle of that peaceful nap, my brother decided to call. My ringtone blasted, therefore breaking that peace, and I lost the dream that I was in. Great timing, brother. He just called because he was going to buy a shirt and a cardigan in the mall. I told him okay, and he cursed teasingly with my pathetic reply—I was sleepy, really, so I was really in no mood to talk—and he just hung up with a loud laugh. After then I decided to go back to sleep, until this time, he banged hard repeatedly on my door, saying that I should open it. With a wide grin, he handed me a book. My sleepy eyes instantly felt fine. What a sweet thing to wake up to.

And the messages, of course that was sweet too. It was so cute. I woke up with somebody’s messages on my phone. I told him immediately that I was still alive since he could get really worried about me.

By then it was 4, and I screwed my original plan of taking a shower at around 3, so I just drank some juice, and went to my spot and read the new book I bought the other day, with Ed Sheeran’s album playing the whole time.

I went home after that, did our Economics homework—which just shows how lazy I am since I should’ve done it earlier in my vacation—and now I’m in our car, feeling a bit dizzy while I’m typing this. When I get home I’m planning to go write outside. Maybe the stars or lamp posts will juice out something from my brain that’s worth reading.

Hey! Happy New Year! :))

Heeeey! Happy new year too, dear! <3

Hi Ate Brianna! Namiss kita sa dash. hahahaha good morning

Halerrrrrrr!! Namiss mo ko? YIIIII kilig ako. HAHAHAHAHAHA good morning. :))))

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